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4. I phoned T-mobile to tell them that by not deducting my payments from the EIP agreements during the settlement month in which they occurred, they breached our contract (EIP agreement). They gave me refunds for all the eIP payments that I was charged, which should not have been charged. When I pay my EIP port (total balance minus the remaining monthly balance), T-mobile must rewrite the EIP to adjust the monthly payment to the monthly credit amount. What you need to do: Pay your eIP agreement on the last day of your billing period, and if the payment is not reflected in the billing cycle, you have the right not to have to make an additional installment payment on your EIP contract, so request a credit to your account for the EIP rate that was debited after the refund! www.t-mobile.com/support/deals/promotional-credits In the end, for each T-Mobile payment, I received a credit that was paid, but not taken into account in my checking account, in order to reduce my bill to the expected and reasonable balance. The good part is that during the next billing period, all my payments were posted, so I received mostly the last installments from five EIP contracts reimbursed by T-Mobile! EIP – a financing agreement. 24 months of instalment payments. Taxes are paid to the POS, so they do not appear on the invoice. Jump on Demand (JOD) – a rental agreement. 18 months of payment in instalments and 1 payment remaining after 18 months.

Can upgrade every 30 days with no upgrade fees. Taxes are not paid in advance to the POS and are added to the invoice every month. I encountered the same problem. I have been a t-mo customer for over 19 years and have always paid my share (phone fee – promo discount) of EIP as soon as the EIP account is created. I was told I could do the same thing again when I bought two iPhone 12s with the Trade In Promo. I paid my share in the IAP a few days after the IAP was created. After seeing your post and reviewing my EIP account, I realized that I would lose $200 of the $300 trade-in value, because the way eIP is now structured is one day. It is different from how T-mobile has made payments in the past in the IAP. I, too, had to spend an hour on the phone and talk to a superior to ask for the refund. We have all been T-mo customers for a long time and we understand that we have to stay at T-mo for the entire duration of the EIP contract for the full discount/promo. Why is it so difficult for T-mo to understand that some customers prefer to pay their share at an early stage, while keeping the line and discount for the entire duration of the EIP contract? 3.

When the billing month was processed and I uploaded my PDF invoice, it did not reflect that I had paid for my EIP contracts and I was charged the monthly payments for all plans concluded before the end of the billing period. That is, my bill was much higher than expected and I was NOT HAPPY! 2. Please note that, when paying for the DEIP agreements, the payments were immediately charged to the PIP agreement and it was subsequently demonstrated that the DEIP agreements were considered to have been concluded. But as far as the statement is concerned, the payments for the EIP agreements were not credited in the month in which I paid them and applied them to the following months of all the payments received. 1. The day before the end of my billing period, I paid for five (5) of my EIP contracts. (I wanted to increase the credit available at T-Mobile for new devices, while reducing my total monthly commitment to T-Mobile.) You have 30 days to send us your old device for credit after sending your new device….

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