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ESCROW, mediation, contracts. A conditional surrender of an act to a foreigner and not to the fellow himself, until certain conditions are met and then handed over to the fellows. Until the condition is fulfilled and the deed is handed over, the estate does not pass, but remains in the donor. 2 John. A. 248; Perk. 137, 138. 2. As a general rule, a trust fund will come into effect from the second delivery and will be considered the deed of the part of that period; but this general rule does not apply when justice requires recourse to fiction. The relationship back to the first delivery to give the effect of this time is allowed in cases of necessity to avoid violations of the execution of the act, events that occur between the first and second delivery. If z.B.

a femé sole makes a deed and the book in trust and then marries before the second delivery, the relationship is necessary to make the deed valid. Empty 2 Bl. Com. 307; Two Bouv. Inst. n. 2024; 4 Kent, Com. 446; Cruise, Dig.

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65; 3 Rep. 35; 5 Rep. 84. In the case of cash and equity consideration for AM transactions, the parties may choose a cash trust fund or a mixture of cash and shares. Trust agents are not transfer agents or stockbrokers, but may agree to keep the stocks in trust. The trust agreement must clearly state the mechanics for each part of the cash and equity trust fund. Parties should consider whether the faithful assets are paid first in shares or cash or in part of the two. The trust payment used for the payment of T-I is a long-term receiver account that can last for years or the duration of the loan. Escrow can also refer to a short-term account used to facilitate the conclusion of a real estate transaction. In this type of trust, the trust company maintains all the documents and money relating to the closing of the transaction, rather than the buyer and seller negotiating directly with each other. When the transaction can be concluded, the trust company distributes all funds and documents to its legitimate recipients and registers the deed with the relevant authorities.

[14] A custodian is not a contracting party to the trust agreement, but a custodian of the surety who has no right to amend the terms of the agreement or to prevent the parties from amending them if they consent.

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