Heu Collective Agreement Bereavement

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By mutual agreement, the parties agreed to repeal their measures and focus on securing a collective agreement. If these efforts fail, they will be able to refer certain issues to arbitration and we will continue to retain the right to strike. These orders, which affect jobs and nullify parts of public sector collective agreements, give management the option of cancelling planned leave and the right to seniority-related layoffs; removal of relocation rights, changes in work operations, working hours; in some cases, it will suspend the appeal process. CUPE 4193 members resisted and held hard despite the challenges of being locked out during a pandemic. I commend her for resisting concessions and negotiating a fair treaty. Their long struggle and final victory, supported by CUPE members across the country, as well as allies in work and community, are testament to our collective strength. In June 2020, CUPE and other unions won a court victory when the Manitoba Court of Queen`s Bench ruled that the legislation was directly involved in free collective bargaining and declared it unconstitutional. This victory will be immediately important for the residents of CupE who, since its introduction, are confronted with the effects of the legislation on the denpestics. As expected, the government has decided to challenge the court`s decision and CUPE continues to play an important role in planning the next steps in this legal challenge. Through all of this, we are learning new ways to run the work of our union. We submit complaints, hold corporate meetings, negotiate collective agreements, organize new members and hold municipal elections – all in accordance with public health guidelines. It is through these challenges that our Union thrives.

Workers for the District, a small two-hour community of Prince George, joined CUPE 4951 in September 2018. The unit includes 22 workers from the inside and outside in a large number of jobs throughout the district. The new collective agreement provides for greater job security and creates an employment assessment process – a first for the county. CUPE 9 members in Saskatchewan voted 82 per cent in favour of ratifying a new collective agreement with the City of Elchkiefer. In the case of a collective agreement, disputes that respect the application, interpretation or application of Part 6 must be resolved as part of the appeal process and not by the enforcement provisions of the law. The four-year contract includes new provisions for domestic violence leave, extends bereavement leave to Aboriginal elders, implements seniority and creates a common employment assessment process to move towards pay equity. It also involves the phasing out of the two-tier wage structure for students and applies the wages of these workers to normal entry wages. In early August, Premier Stephen McNeil announced that he would resign as Premier and Chair of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

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