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This data processing addendum (“DPA”) is part of the terms of use or other written or electronic agreements between KnowBe4, Inc. and/or their associated companies (“KnowBe4”) and the customer for the provision of products and/or services by KnowBe4 to the customer (the “agreement”). This data protection authority reflects the agreement reached between the parties regarding the processing of personal data (as defined below) in the implementation of the agreement. By executing this data protection authority, the customer acts with this data protection authority on behalf of its related companies, provided that, and to the extent that, KnowBe4 deals with personal data for which these related companies are held responsible. For the purposes of this data protection authority, the term “customer” refers, unless otherwise stated, to the organization that has jurisdiction over data protection and, if applicable, its related companies. The client and KnowBe4 may be individually designated as “party” or “party” in this data protection authority. KnowBe4 agrees: (a) to make the products available to the customer in accordance with the agreement and the applicable offer; b) offer the customer free support for products and/or update support in the event of a purchase; and (c) to provide online services at 99.9% of the annual time, with the exception of expected downtime, maintenance windows or unavailability resulting from circumstances that are not properly monitored by KnowBe4, such as a case of force majeure in accordance with the agreement.B. If the customer wants status updates on KnowBe4 product availability, the customer can subscribe to updates to or another URL that KnowBe4 can provide from time to time. 2.5 Restricted account. If access or use of products on an evaluation or test basis is granted to the customer; including all limited access accounts created by the customer, KnowBe4 grants the customer, subject to the terms of this agreement, only for internal business evaluation purposes: (a) a revocable, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable license during the limited access period for installation, use, execution, display and access to software and/or course documents contained in the products; and (b) a revocable, restricted, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and use the web services contained in the products knowBe4 makes available to the customer for the limited access period, subject to any condition or restriction expressly provided for by an activation email. The customer can only use these products from the previous date: (1) the date on which the agreement is accepted by the customer; or (2) the date the customer has access to the products through an activation email until the expiration date specified in the relevant activation email or, if the expiry date is not specified in the corresponding activation mail, thirty (30) days after the old (a) or (b) below (the “limited access period”). The customer and KnowBe4 may extend the restricted access period after reciprocal written agreement (including email). This assessment license and access will automatically expire after the end of the restricted access period.

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