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Courts have generally held non-invitation agreements more favourably because they do not restrict a worker`s right to work. If one balances the legitimate interests of the company, the maintenance and protection of its customers, it is discovered that non-competition prohibitions significantly limit a worker`s ability to look for another job. On the other hand, non-use agreements are generally considered by the courts as appropriate conditions, since the worker is free to continue working in his area of expertise. Burke, Warren recently represented a company that attempted to impose a non-invitation agreement on a former employee. The former employee left the company, founded his own business and actively recruited clients from his former company. In court, Aaron Stanton and John Kobus, partners at Burke, showed Warren that the former employee violated his non-invitation agreement and obtained an injunction that effectively terminated the former employee`s new activity. In areas where client lists are essential, the employer will often try to prevent an employee from “stealing” from customers by applying legal agreements, namely non-competition and non-invitation agreements. The limitation of competition and non-tender agreements determines whether the contract should be applied in court. A non-compete agreement prevents a former employee from confronting a former employer for a certain period of time.

For example, if the worker had worked in a pharmaceutical company, a non-compete agreement would prevent him from working in the pharmaceutical industry. Often, these agreements are limited to a specific geographic area. The non-acquisition agreement is a less restrictive contract and is narrowly aimed at preventing a worker from recruiting clients from his former employer. Unlike the non-competition agreement, the worker is allowed to work immediately in the same sector and in the same geographical area. The geographical scope of a non-compete clause must be limited to the area where the seller offered the products or services in question prior to the transfer, since the purchaser does not need to be protected from the seller`s competition in the territories where the latter was not that extended geographical scope may be to the territories in which the seller was considering entering at the time of the transaction. , as long as he has already invested in the preparation of this project. The criteria of direct connection and necessity are objective by nature. Restrictions are not directly linked and necessary to achieve a concentration simply because the parties consider them to be such. Non-solicitation and confidentiality clauses are subject to the same principles as non-competition clauses. Non-competition vs. non-demand – Every businessman must know the difference III.

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