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Can everyone confirm, as an intermediate solution, what Webhook event should be triggered if a payment setup_fee fails? My experience with the sandbox with setup_fee is that the setup_fee stays at 0, even though I set it up. However, I have heard that it may take a few minutes after the Plan -Accord is created before it actually calculates the account. Until then, how do you know if the user has enough money in their account to pay the first payment? What happens if the user cancels their plan before the setup_fee passes? I want my users to use their subscription functions immediately after payment. You don`t have to wait a few minutes before the first payment is made (or not). Profile status not valid for reactive action. The profile must be stopped. setup_fee must in any case be displayed and treated correctly and immediately during the execution of a settlement contract, and the settlement contract must be actively or cancelled (or rather cancelled) depending on whether setup_fee has been properly treated and not have absence status for a random period, as is currently the case. @omarkilani Currently, I make the first payment for the subscription, which is calculated prorated as a credit card payment. Then, for next month, I can make a deal. I could use setup_fee for the creation of agreements, but as far as discussions are concerned, there seem to be errors? Oh, really? Once you`ve established the billing agreement, the API provides a je-token in the query sequence settings that tracks the deviation to PayPal payment methods. Use the resource/billing-agreements to create, update, view balance for, cancel, reactivate, bill balance for, stop, list bookings and execute agreements.

A number of traders have complained about this behaviour. As a result, version 2.0.10 of the subscription has been converted to the alternative method of collecting an upfront payment in the same requirement as the one that establishes the billing contract. This ensures that the debitor`s position items are displayed if the PayPal transaction is approved at PayPal and next to the transaction. Now we receive a message of success from PayPal after the user has passed the PayPal process, but the agreement has not yet been concluded and no transaction has taken place. In fact, the problem was on the customer`s card. We first corrected this card problem, then after the payment method worked properly. The problem with the map was very annoying, but we solved it. I used the following setup to calculate the amount of billing. @iadj my apologies for delaying the tests, but I also filed problems with the internal team for that.

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