Policy Statement And Agreement Regarding Examination Confidentiality

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Any candidate who does not have a valid identification, who uses unauthorized tools or who does not follow the test procedures can be removed from the test centre. Applicants are not allowed to provide or receive any assistance during the examination. Any fraud, attempt to cheat, assist others, cheat, participate in or participate in such inappropriate behaviour, as shown below, is a serious offence and leads the SOA/CIA to disqualify the candidate`s examination and any other disciplinary action deemed appropriate. In their examination requests, candidates agreed to be bound by exam rules and rules. After being connected to the computer, candidates must accept the rules in an order prompt before taking the exam itself. You may be excluded from participation or review or receipt of the test results, or your exam may be disqualified if there is a key reason to accept through proctorization observations, statistical analysis and/or other evidence that your score may not be valid or that you demonstrated collaborative, disruptive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour during this review. “I have read the rules and regulations for the exams for which I am a candidate and I agree to be linked to them. I acknowledge that I have read the SOA code of conduct for candidates and that I agree with that (revised 11/1/2015). I also agree that the results of any audit (s) I take and all actions taken as a result of my conduct (such as irregularity, violation or fraud, and all hearings on it) may be disclosed at the sole discretion of the Corporation of Actuaries of any other good faith actuarial organization with a legitimate interest in such results and/or acts. Candidates who pass actuarial examinations will be expected to follow the rules and procedures contained in the official study note as well as on announcements made by prosecutors in the trial centres. All candidates must read and sign the following statement when requesting examination: The jury or its investigation will investigate any irregularities or alleged violations of the examination rules and a decision will be made on the matter.

If there is a determination to assert a sentence, the candidate is advised by letter. The content of actuarial reviews is copyrighted, proprietary and confidential. The transmission or reproduction of part of an actuarial examination to a natural or legal person for any purpose is prohibited. Such activity leads to the cancellation of test results and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecutions. Important news notifications! Important news notifications! Important news notifications! In order to ensure that the results of all candidates are obtained under comparable conditions and that they are measured fairly and accurately, it is necessary to maintain a standardized testing environment.

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