Purchase And Sale Agreement Of Equipment

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Installing the device The seller must complete the installation of the equipment defined in the work statement. PandaTip: The text box below should be used to describe the devices sold. Be sure to include makeup, model, VIN or serial numbers. connecting equipment to distribution companies provided by the buyer or customers. c) taxes. The buyer will pay all non-U.S. companies. Export taxes, import duties, all sales, uses, excise, value-added taxes or other taxes or taxes collected or applicable by a government authority for the sale to the purchaser or its associated businesses of systems or services under this contract (unless the buyer provides the seller with an applicable resale certificate excluding the sale of these taxes) 4. Dosimetry system a redundant dosimetry system for independent measurement of doses of electron beams delivered to products. The system must meet current standards of the American National Standards Institute. The following devices are included: (ii) During the exclusive period of the system, the buyer may only purchase from the seller maintenance and assistance services to the buyer and its associated systems, including spare parts, unless the seller (A) authorizes in writing a certain purchase by the buyer of certain maintenance and assistance services from a third party or (B) which indicates in writing to the buyer that he is not in a position to do so. , to provide maintenance and assistance services to the buyer.

, in this case, the buyer is free to purchase these specific maintenance and assistance services only, subject to a written notification from the seller in accordance with this clause (B) to a third party. A notification from the vendor referred to in point (B) does not affect the buyer`s ongoing obligation to acquire all of the buyer`s and his related business requirements for maintenance and support services for the remainder of the exclusive maintenance and assistance period, with the exception of the maintenance and assistance services covered by this press release. If the last payment under this contract is due and payable. Payments must be made to the seller in his offices or in another location where the seller can directly. Payments are only considered paid by the seller. 1. ACCORD: the seller sells, transfers and transfers to the buyer all rights, titles and interests on and on the machines, appliances and other personal items, the following as the equipment described in Schedule I. (iv) To the extent that the buyer or any related entity is solicited and agreed by the seller, the seller is intended for the buyer or his Affiliate System Engineering , to the perparation of the proposal, sales support, professional design and engineering services or other services, such as the buyer or related company in the presentation of the offer and sale, the analysis of the location and specification of the system, as well as the development of the system modification and configuration systems or components of the systems , including, but not limited to the information and control system required to use the system for the intended application or otherwise meet the specifications of a buyer`s customer or its related companies (Design Services). The seller must perform professional design services in accordance with established business standards and ethics. All design services must meet the specifications and performance standards set out in the performance statement. Rso, Inc.

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