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If you can say “yes” to these statements, your article is ready to be published for Germany as part of the open access agreement. If your institution has a fully open access agreement with Springer Nature, you can publish your Open Access article with your fees, which are covered in more than 600 OA magazines fully available in BMC, Nature Research, Palgrave and SpringerOpen. The parties, who have collaborated on increasingly effective transitional agreements since the first iterations of the Transition Agreements (Springer Compact), agreed on this framework knowing in common that ATTs are the fastest way to move to open access. Since the vast majority of authors use the open publishing services guaranteed to them by TA, Springer Nature`s existing transformation agreements, in which authors reach more than 90%, play a crucial role in helping countries have immediate and open access to the research they fund. Phase III will begin in 2022 and includes the integration of Nature brand journals into the open-access publishing part of the agreement (see more details below). The Deutsche Max-Planck-Digitalbibliothek (MPDL) in Munich has now negotiated the first regulation of its kind, which is expected to start from 2021. The agreement, announced on 20 October, will be offered to some 120 German institutes that currently subscribe to the Nature titles. Max Planck, a large association of German research institutes, is the first to be notified, says Ralf Schimmer, MPDL`s chief information officer. Only contributions with corresponding authors from participating institutes are made available to the public; Past trends indicate that by 2021, there are about 400 titles for all German institutions eligible for the agreement, or about 3.5% of articles in nature brand trade magazines.

The publisher of Nature has reached its first agreement to allow some researchers to publish in the journal and in 33 other Nature-branded titles under open access (OA) conditions. If your institution has a transformation agreement, you can publish your Open Access article with your fees, which are covered in more than 1,850 Springer magazines. You can also enjoy full access to all Springer subscription log content. During Phase I, which will begin later in 2020, all articles by UC correspondents accepted for publication in springer subscription newspapers will be published free of charge for the author, including the titles Springer, Adis and Palgrave Macmillan, as well as academic journals on nature.com. Open access publications are the default setting for UC authors, but authors may decide to opt out. This phase begins after the signing of the formal contract (scheduled for the third quarter of 2020) and Springer Nature, in collaboration with UC, has put in place the necessary mechanisms to identify the authors of the UC. According to today`s statement, Springer Nature`s existing transformation agreements “have a crucial role to play in helping countries access the research they fund immediately and openly.” Springer Nature and mpDL Services GmbH today announced, on behalf of the DEAL project, that the official contract for the largest open access contract (OA) to date has been signed.

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