Voluntary Conservation Agreement Qld

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As a VCA property owner, you retain full control of your country and the right to enjoy it, and no one can enter your property without permission. In recognition of your commitment and assistance in the management of your protected area, the city provides you: if you apply for a VCA, your property will be assessed according to a number of criteria such as size, presence of threatened ecosystems and plant and animal species, age and structure of local vegetation and proximity to existing nature reserves. To discuss the voluntary conservation agreement program, please contact the Council`s Conservation Partnerships Officer at 53296256. An appointment is then made with you to discuss the VCA program in more detail and conduct an initial real estate assessment. More than half of Brisbane`s wildlife habitat is on private land. This is essential for the survival and preservation of our native wildlife. Brisbane City Council supports landowners who join Brisbane City Council`s Wildlife Conservation Program (WCPP). They receive advice on revegetation, local flora and wildlife species and how to maintain and restore wildlife habitat on their land. The NatureAssist program also allocates funds to projects that provide conservation results to landowners interested in creating or expanding a natural refuge. There are certain areas of the state that are targeted by NatureAssist, which are chosen for their future resilience to conservation in the landscape. Targeted owners are contacted directly and asked if they would like to participate. Bush blocks, farms, schools, golf courses and commercial properties are all allowed to join Land for Wildlife. There must be a will to protect and improve your country for the protection of nature.

In addition to the size and vegetation criteria listed below, other factors are related to connectivity (proximity to other bush areas, including other wildlife lands), the presence of threatened species, habitat for threatened species, waterways, educational values or broader common values. A natural shelter is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and the Queensland government. A nature conservation agreement recognizes the obligation to protect land of considerable conservation value, while allowing for compatible and sustainable land use.

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