Dawning, Endure book one


The first book of the Endure series by April Lewis is now out!


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I headed out of town as quickly as I possibly could. When I got onto the main road, I looked in my rear view mirror. I could see the black car approaching very quickly. The fear that was swelling up inside me was indescribable. The car was approaching faster and faster. The only thing I had to my advantage at this point was the fact that I could drive this road in the dark. This person was obviously not from around here and did not know the road at all. I could tell by the way he seemed to lose control after every turn. The road was crazy and many of the curves were sharp and quick.

I floored it. My poor little piece-of-crap car was sputtering in irritation at me. My car flew over the hill. I immediately slammed on the brakes and made a sharp right turn. At the bottom of the hill was the field entrance to our property. I had to come to a dead stop. The gate was up and I had mere seconds before he would be driving right past me. I had no other choice now.

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