Charitable Contribution


Lewis Publishing believes the future rests on the shoulders of our youth.


Many of the best opportunities that kids have to learn and grow come from robust programs at their public schools. Unfortunately, many times these are often the first things to get cut when there are budget shortfalls.

Lewis Publishing gives back to local schools with every book that we sell. By giving back to the schools we are insuring our children have a strong foundation to help build a stronger nation.

We encourage the schools to use our donations where they are needed;  However, we will always promote literature, art, music, and sports programs. We believe these programs are vital in defining our children’s character, increasing confidence in their abilities, and insuring they develop a strong work ethic.

These are the current ways that we contribute to your school:

  • Book order forms
    • With every book purchase we donate 15 percent of the book price to your school.  Book order forms will be supplied by Lewis publishing.  Simply let us know how many to send.  For more information contact Lewis Publishing by email at, or by phone at (208) 701-5217.
  • Your school can schedule a school assembly or author “meet and greet.”
    • There will be a transportation fee or minimal book order that will vary depending on distance to travel.  For more information contact Lewis Publishing  by email at, or by phone at (208) 701-5217
  • Online orders on our books page.
    • Receive 15 percent back to your school.  Simply enter the Name, City and State of the school.