Contributor(s): Moriah Necia Jay(Author)

Ryan Duche, through the simple goal of keeping himself out of jail, finds himself at The Center.

This mysterious oasis in the desert promises rehabilitation of troubled youth with strict rules and impressive rewards for good behavior.
The game room is stocked, the “prison guards” are beautiful, the food is good, and the toilets are clean. It seems like a place too good to be true

And it is…

Ryan, Danny, Ben, and Darra team up with Noji on a Dream Quest that will tax them to the breaking point, threaten their very lives, and make them wonder if they are all still sane.

Each one must face down their personal demons, which had ultimately led them to break the law and get them landed in The Center, before they can get back to reality.
They may be trapped forever if Noji can’t lead them out of The Dreamscape

A group of friends, a mysterious oasis, and a quest to escape. Discover the enigma of the Dreamscape.


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Biographical Note:

Moriah Necia Jay:

I live in the semi-deserts of Idaho right now with my husband and two kids and a long list of animals.
I am a great believer in believing. I know it is hard to do every second of every day, but if you believe in yourself on the average number of days, and give credit to the One who blessed you with your talents, I know you will find your path.

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